A man only there to achieve something which he believes in his power.                                                                                  Feuerbach

Full name of class teacher - Safarov Rubis Idrisovich

Supervised by the class - 11 ;

The subject - history ;

Qualification -I-th ;

Employment of teaching experience - 22 ;

Work experience as a class teacher - 13 years.



Certificate of recognition of the NGOGrant holder of the Russian Federation within the framework of the priority national project "Education"Diploma of the winner of the contest "Teacher of the Year 2006" in the nomination "The Keeper of traditions

A thanks letter from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Tatarstan (for participation in the National Conference)

"…Һәр кешене без аңларга тиеш,
Һәр баланы кеше итәргә.
Үзебезнең хезмәт җимешләрен
Сабыр гына озак көтәргә." - 

     Every child is gifted by nature, and the main task of the teacher is to help open up the talent, to help walk the road of life. For this I use a variety of methods of education: games, mock, contests a different direction. My students are actively involved in actions that promote a healthy lifestyle. "

     The class teacher helping to find himself, to plan your path, choose passion to be the best friend.

    Most important for the class teacher in dealing with children:

- kindness (of course, without the kindness demands - this is a trap for the teacher. But for the children - it was the most important quality in a class teacher. Maybe guys are tired of the constant control and claims, and they need simple human feelings











-a sense of humor;







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Белем җәүһәрләре-2011 II Бөтендөнья интернет-проектлар бәйгесе



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Комыргуҗа авылы,

Комсомол урамы

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Phone: 8843 (69) 3-20-03

Address: RT Atninsky municipal district


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