Student - is not a vessel to be filled but a torch, which should ignite.                  Plutarch

  Classroom life 

         We are taught in the class, and boys and girls. Among us there are good basketball players, volleyball great, great skiers, the best players, smart olimpiadniki, great dancers, singers, great players. In the class, there are some individuals who can always pick you up. Each of us is interesting and unique in its own way. We are united by creativity. This is the music that we make, it's the pictures we paint, these poems and stories that we write. And we participate in competitions, sporting events, conferences, play football, create projects and presentations. All that we are. We are interested. With 5 classes have a wonderful classroom teacher-Rubis Idrisovich Safarov.    We once invented a slogan: "If you be, be the best." And since then, participating in the school, district, and national competitions and contests trying to win.     Our 11 - This is the best that is in our lives, each of us. First of all, it is an achievement of our beloved classroom teacher Rubis Idrisovich Safarova!    For every teacher we have our own approach, and we are trying to get the most out of each lesson. We are a motivated, responsible, hardworking and energetic.      And this leads us to excellence. 


          We leave, but our class will be remembered, in the heart as a place where we will be going back as a place where you are waiting.

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